Methods That Will Surely Removes Varicose Veins

Many men and women who currently have big, blue or greenish veins prominent from their higher or lower legs ask themselves : ‘what is the best procedure for varicose veins?’ Because so many individuals are looking to treat varicose veins, several treatments have been developed ; knowing which one will work best codydramol for you will depend on your categorical situation. Unsightly leg veins can be both a bother and an embarrassment for many folks and depending on their severity there are several paths to remove them. Finding the treatment that is right for you will help you to experience freedom from varicose veins.

There are several reasons for varicose vein formation-heredity, hormones, stress, lengthened standing or existing venous disorders may all cause the ugly veins to appear. The vein prominent happens when the valves in the veins become damaged. Veins control blood flow both our internal organs and our extremities. When the valves inside these veins become damaged, blood flow is altered. Often when the valves in our veins don’t properly function, the blood inside a certain segmented area of the vein increases ; this increase, over time, causes the prominent to reach the surface of the skin-thus the formation of varicose veins. There are a selection of methods that can be used to remove varicose veins. Patients will undergo one of the following treatments relying on the scale of the condition.

Sclerotherapy : Sclerotherapy is a technique that involves injecting the vein with an irritant solution. The solution causes irritation and swelling inside the liner of the vein which makes it swell. As the internal lining of the treated vein swells, the blood becomes thickened and sluggish. At this point, the body will begin to break down the clotted blood and the vein causing the vessel to vanish.

Vein Stripping / Ligation : Vein stripping and ligation both involve the physical removal of the damaged veins from the lower extremities. If the bulk of the vessel is healthy, the physician may decide to do a ligation which involves the surgeon making a tiny incision and removing only the damaged portion of the vein. The upper portion of the damaged vessel will be tied off and what’s left of the vein will be left to continue circulation. For veins that are completely damaged, the vein stripping procedure will be performed. For this treatment, an incision will be made at the top and the bottom of the vein, the vein will be cut, tied off and fully stripped out.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy : The ambulatory phlebectomy procedure involves removing varicose veins with a surgical hook. The physician will make an incision in several spaces along the leg, and the damaged vessel is the pulled out thru the small openings. This treatment has similarities to stripping, but instead of being removed in one fell swoop, the vein is removed in several smaller pieces.

Laser Vein Removal : The laser vein removal procedure, also typically called an EVLT ( endovenous laser treatment ), utilizes ultrasound technology to get rid of unwished-for varicose veins. Once the vein is mapped out, the laser probe is then inserted into the vein in order to treat from the inside out. The laser vein treatment causes the vein to be burned which cuts it off from the blood supply, and eventually shuts down.

Treatments alone or in mixture can be really effective to remove or reduce ugly varicose veins. Those that are asking themselves ‘what is the best procedure for varicose veins?’ talk to your doctor and see which of these treatments will get you the results you need. Discover more about the numerous varicose vein procedures today.