Best Testosterone Boosters

Do testosterone booster work?These days’ men suffer from low testosterone levels that are why you see so many frail men out there. This has caused great problems ranging from poor sexual matters to weak bodies. In order to correct, these detrimental issues one requires therefore to increase his or her testosterone levels, which is the hormone responsible for all this. Both men and women produce testosterone although women produce the hormone in low amounts. Testosterone has the same effects as the ones young male suffer during adolescent. Companies have come up with artificial testosterone boosters, which help to increase their production, these boosters, include:

Prime Male

Many men suffering from low testosterone levels are above the age of 30 years. Prime male comes to solve this; it is designed to serve the man with 30 plus years. It is a new product in the market and seeks to solve the deficiency in testosterone. Men as they age continue to produce less and less testosterone thus targeting them is the best way to solve the problem. Once taken it results to increased muscle, reduces the fat content in the body while boosting your sexual urge by increasing you energy and mood. Its ingredients are specifically designed to help older men. It uses ingredients that have higher bioavailability, which means they can easily be absorbed in the body.


This is another testosterone booster that enables one to have greater muscles and strength subsequently increasing the level of testosterone in the body. It contains high amount of d-aspartic acid thus making it an effective bodybuilding agent but does not have filler ingredients. In addition to increasing your testosterone levels this booster helps to gain muscles in the body thus improving your looks. It also improves your mood thus motivating you to work out more. It is however not good to people who are vegetarians as it can have adverse effects on them.


This is the cheap option of the testosterone boosters, which builds on your muscles and sex drive. Its ingredients include D-Aspartic acid, ginseng, fenugreek, and zinc which are essential in testosterone recovery. It works in such a way that it increases the libido of the man, making one sexually active all the time. In case you want to use low cost in building your muscles and increasing your testosterone levels testogen is a good option.

BSN Evotest

This type of testosterone booster is found both in capsule and in powdered drink form offering people who have no good experience with taking pills a great option to choose from. Its ingredients include D-Aspartic acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and fenugreek. These are all ingredients that are good for your testosterone levels. It also improves in the sleep pattern of its users, which is an inducer of testosterone production.

These are some of the best testosterone booster in the market, which helps one regain his or her testosterone levels back.


Bipolar Cycling: A Better Understanding

When discussing bipolar cycling, lets first talk about rapid cycling.  Rapid cycling is when a person who has bipolar disorder has four or more episodes of depression and mania in a years time. These episodes can be separated by periods of normal moods.

Another term used when describing bipolar cycling is a ‘switch’. This simply means that a person goes from having a depressed episode right into an episode of mania with no normal mood in between them. This is considered to be worse than just regular rapid cycling.

When you are learning about these cycling episodes it is best to do research on everything you can find. Knowledge makes this disorder seem less scary.

The next type of cycling is when a person is experiencing depression, then goes immediately into a mania phase and then has a period of normal moods. This describes the term biphasic cycling.

Yet still another type of bipolar cycling is when you experience ‘multiphasic’ cycling. This would be when goes from depression straight into mania and then straight into depression again. These multiphasic cycles can come to an end eventually and switch into a state of normal mood.

While this type of cycling sounds difficult and hard to accept, there is yet another type of cycling which is worse still. It is called ‘continuous cycling’. Meaning exactly what it sounds like, continuous. Going from depression to mania to depression etc. with no normal mood in between. These phases can be long or short or even mixed.

Sometimes drugs can cause these patterns, especially the switch cycles. And sometimes a physician will prescribe an anti-depression medication to indeed cause a switch to mania or to cause the acceleration of a cycle. But when these types of drugs are used in these cases it is for as short of a period as possible with as low a dose as possible.

Usually these rapid cycles occur more frequently in the beginning stages of bipolar disorder. They tend to stabilize when some type of treatment is used.

I hope this explains bipolar cycling in a way that is easy to understand. Bipolar disorder is a very
in depth illness so any time you can learn about any aspect of it and actually understand, it will only benefit you or someone you know. And that is what this blog is all about…learning.